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wind today - Czech Republic 
height wind (Central Europe)
temperature and humidity (Prague)
temperature and humidity (Prostejov)
snow cover in Europe

Europe weather (global animation)
Europe weather (details)
Atlantic Ocean weather
world weather 1
world weather 2
web cameras in Czech
web cameras in Europe
Nový Jičín - Straník webcam
Lysa hora webcam

synoptical situation
synoptical progress (black-white)
synoptical progress (colored)
wind forecast (3 days)
clouds forecast (3 days)
temperature forecast (3 days)
precipitation forecast (3 days)
mathematical forecast models (Medard)

storm detector CZ
storm detector EU
meteo forecast
weather forecast

radar images animation CZ
sky moving animation over Europe   
(zdroj Wetteronline)
sky moving animation over Europe   
Europe from satellite NOAA
Europe from satellites MSG (images animation)
infrared photo of Earth


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