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 Ceska verze

Flying in Italy - Cassino

Standa Hlavinka

    "You simply, halfway between Rome and Naples, turn off the highway and head towards Cassino." Yes, but where? We passed Rome more than an hour ago and still nothing.

    Following yesterday afternoon's practice in the narrow and relatively turbulent four meters in the void of people Bassano, the evening's "Uno liter di vino rosso", at the L'Antica Abazia Pizzeria and the morning scraping of the frost off of the windshield, we're on our way South once again. Today is Tuesday, February 11, 2003 and the odometer has just passed 1500 km, from the point when we cleared it in Brno. This the third day of our travels and God continues to grant us pleasant weather with a clear blue sky, and for us, unusually bright Italian sun. If we forget the morning frosts, it doesn't look at all bad so far.

    Finally we see a sign as big as a gate ahead with the name Cassino on it. Another 15 km or so of driving around the town and then in the fields beyond the town and at 16:40 we're putting up our tents on the landing ground below the crest at coordinates N41°32.110' E013°49.814'.

    "Not all Paragliders are such nimrods", I remember Marcel Konecny saying, and it's necessary to add that even on this point, "Mr. Wise from the East", was right. Shortly before midnight the personal assistant arrives with a group of paraglider pilots consisting of Radek Seidl alias Yehuda, Tomáš Hrabal, Radek Krampl alias Jazzman, Martin Pacejka a Mirek Kos. All of them are good men and excellent pilots to boot. So we can relax ...

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